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How to contact Theodd1Sout? Theodd1Sout’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Robert James Rallison, best known by his online alias Theodd1sout, is a YouTuber, animator, graphic artist, voice actor, and author from the United States. He has done several things that have made headlines, which has led to his being a well-known figure. Since 2014, he has been making significant strides in his professional life and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In each of his recordings, he adhered to the same narration and character development pattern he had established in his webcomics. James was able to attain the milestone of having 100,000 endorsers for his channel as an activity channel, largely thanks to a video he produced in February 2016 on ASMR. After just a few months, his channel had more than one million followers, and his celebrity continued to soar to new heights.

His total number of supporters has reached 13.4 million as of December 2019, the current month. A total of more than 94.5 million viewers have seen James’ most popular video, which is a music video titled “Life is Fun” and features the YouTube musician Boyinaband. On December 2, 2017, he launched a new YouTube channel. Additionally, he has rapidly amassed a sizable following on this channel due to his consistent posting of animated video content. On July 19, he recorded his first song and published it on his YouTube site, where it immediately racked up more than 95 million views.

Since then, he has become a successful musician. During a YouTube battle royale in which he, Jaiden Animations, and Anthony Padilla participated, he showed an interest in MrBeast’s $200,000 prize money. In October 2019, Mr. Beast contributed to “Group Trees,” an organization that he established to assist in the planting of 20 million trees.

His YouTube channels, which go by Theodd1sout and Theodd2sout, have garnered many subscribers. He is also known as Theodd1sout. Robert was born on May 14th, 1996, in the city of Chandler, which is located in Arizona, United States. However, he has not disclosed the name of his father; he was raised by his parents, who are known as Janette Rallison.

In addition, he received upbringing from four additional relatives, one of them being his identical twin sister. His cousins Luke and Arianna, as well as his twin sister Faith, are all considered to be part of his extended family. No one has ever been able to figure out what level Robert was at during his secondary school years, and this is true even though Robert participated in extracurricular activities with a large number of understudies.

Because of the encouragement he got from his peers, he decided to pursue a career in medicine. The fact that he spent hours upon hours engrossed in children’s television programs as a kid motivated him to seek a job in the entertainment sector. James started uploading webcomics to Tumblr in June 2012. Initially, it was difficult for him to attract readers to his work.

In this capacity, in April of 2013, he got rid of the original characters he had created for his webcomics and began substituting them with generic air-pocket characters instead. Over time, he improved as a comic writer and an artist, expanding his audience. The creator started his channel on YouTube under Odd1sOut on August 30, 2014, when he was engaged in creating webcomics and, as a result, his account. His first video was a creative sketch that brought one of his childhood tales to life and was posted online.

He is a musician and an author of books, such as “How to be Cool and Other Things I Learned from Growing Up,” which was published in August 2018, and “The First Sequel,” which will be published in March 2020. For instance, he played the character of Martha in How It Should Have Ended, and he was Kevin in YouTube Rewind 2018. Both of these roles were quite different from one another. Both the Meta Runner Special as Himself and Rewind as Himself can be controlled by anybody who wants to use them.

In 2018, as part of the ninth Annual Streamy Awards, he was presented with his very first honor. Additionally, his recordings have been praised for their incredible quality and hilarious nature. His excellent work has garnered recognition from various individuals, including Kristin Brantley and Dave Trumbore, the former of whom named him as one of the top five most influential YouTubers.

James Rallison began his life and received his education in Arizona. His mother is the writer Janette Rallison, better known by her pen as C. J. Slope. In addition to having a sibling brother by the name of Luke and two extra sisters to call his own, he also has a twin sister who goes by the name of Faith.
By January 2021, it is anticipated that Robert will have accumulated assets totaling $5 million. His several YouTube channels, each of which has amassed a sizeable subscriber base, are the principal source of his financial success.

In addition to that, he is a writer and has already completed two books, which is a significant amount for a book of non-fiction. In addition to his career as a musician, he is also very adept in woodworking, and he gets paid for his efforts. Because of the size of his pay, he can maintain an extravagant standard of living.

It is a pseudonym used by Robert James Rallison, a visual artist and voice actor known to many fans on YouTube and other media channels as Theodd1sout. Robert James Rallison is better recognized for his work in these fields. Because of his involvement in many high-profile deals, he is now well-known in the industry. Since making his debut in 2014, he has kept up a consistent pace in his professional life and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Under the monikers “Theodd1sout” and “Theodd2sout,” he operates two successful YouTube channels, each of which has amassed a sizeable number of subscribers. Robert was born on May 14, 1996, in the city of Chandler, which is located in Arizona, United States. He has not disclosed the identity of his father, who is known by the name Janette Rallison; both his mother and father brought him up.

In addition, he received care throughout his childhood from four other members of his family, one of whom was his identical twin sister. His immediate family comprises his parents, Luke and Arianna, and his siblings, Faith, and Arianna. His extended family also includes his grandparents. No one has been able to figure out what level Robert was at in his extracurricular activities throughout his time at the high school he attended, regardless of the number of understudies he had over those years.

He decided to pursue a career in medicine after receiving support and inspiration from his close circle of friends. As a youngster, he was drawn to watch programs geared toward children on television, which influenced his decision to work in the entertainment sector when he grew up. In June 2012, James initiated the practice of uploading webcomics on Tumblr. In the beginning, he had difficulty getting anyone to read his work. The original characters from his webcomic were discarded in April 2013 and replaced with standard air-pocket figures.

As he became a better cartoonist and artist, his fan base expanded along with it. On August 30, 2014, the comic book artist launched his own YouTube channel under the name Odd1sOut while he was working on webcomics. His first video was an animated retelling of a tale from his childhood, which was entertaining.

His webcomics’ cast of characters also appeared in all of his recordings, which were all narrated in the same manner and with the same cast of characters as his webcomics. Because of a video that James uploaded in February 2016 relating to ASMR, his channel was able to surpass the 100,000 subscriber threshold in the activity category. Soon after, his YouTube channel had more than one million subscribers, and he rose to prominence.

As of the end of 2019, there are presently 13.4 million individuals who are on his side. More than 94.5 million people have seen the music video for the song “Life is Fun,” which features the YouTube musician Boyinaband, on James’ channel. On December 2, 2017, he launched a brand-new YouTube channel for the first time. The quick expansion of his fan base may be attributed to the publication of fresh animated videos on this channel.

James Rallison spent his whole childhood in Arizona, where he was born and raised. His mother is the novelist Janette Rallison, who writes under the pen name C. J. Slope. His identical twin sister’s name is Faith, and in addition to her, he has a brother called Luke and two more sisters whom he may call his own. It is anticipated that Robert will have accumulated $5 million in assets by January 2021. Most of his income comes from his several YouTube channels; these channels have built a sizeable fan following.

Since college, Robert has been interested in sketching cartoon characters. When he was a senior in high school, he began creating individualized cartoons for his classmates and pals. Robert’s pastime evolved into a severe interest over time, and he ultimately decided to transform it into a career path. On Tumblr, where he had an account, he debuted his work as a webcomic artist. He came up with the name “TheOdd1sOut” for his creation: a white figure with a round face and a festive look.

Theodd1Sout Fan Mail address:

Chandler, Arizona, United States


It had the consistency of marshmallows. The character name, who eventually became Robert’s online persona, is the protagonist of every webcomic. To a considerable extent, his first year was spent acting out the part of a fascinating character to the point when he perfected the look of ‘TheOdd1sOut.’ Robert started publishing his webcomics on the website platform known as “Tapas” (formerly referred to as “Chapstick”) at the beginning of 2014.

This individual is an expert in authoring books that are in the non-fiction genre. He has already finished writing two books. The guy is talented as a musician and a skilled artisan and gets compensated for his work. As a result of the considerable salary he brings in, he can live a life of luxury. Rallison has worked with others to produce two songs and the accompanying music videos. “Life is Fun,” which was released in July 2018 and was built in collaboration with David Brown from Boyinaband, and “Good Person,” which was released in December 2020 and was produced in partnership with Joel Berghult from RoomieOfficial.

His animated figure appeared in the closing credits sequence of YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017, and he also has a speaking part in YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind. Rallison appeared in the $200,000 YouTuber Battle Royale video that MrBeast uploaded in March 2019. He was a winning squad member who included Jaiden Animations and Anthony Padilla in the first round. Rallison donated the money he gained from the YouTuber Battle Royale to the non-profit organization #TeamTrees, founded by MrBeast, and to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2019.

Rallison’s primary YouTube channel has over 16 million followers as of the 7th of January, 2021, while his secondary channel simultaneously had over 2.7 million subscribers. Peter Pham, a writer for Foodbeast, referred to the three movies that Rallison created about his time working at Subway (which Rallison parodically calls “Sooubway”) as “wonderful” and “hilarious.” On July 19, he went into the studio and recorded his debut song, which he then uploaded to his YouTube page, and it quickly racked up more than 95 million views. MrBeast’s prize money of $200,000 drew his attention even though Jaiden Animations and Anthony Padilla were competing in the YouTube war royale.

In October 2019, MrBeast contributed to ‘Group Trees,’ an organization he established intending to assist in the planting of 20 million trees. In addition to being a writer, he is also a musician. In August 2018, he published “How to be Cool and Other Things I Learned from Growing Up,” and in March 2020, he will publish “The First Sequel.”

In the film How It Should Have Ended, for instance, he had the role of Martha, and in YouTube Rewind 2018, he had the role of Kevin. Every aspect of the game, including the Meta Runner Special and Rewind as Himself, is open to arbitrary modification at any given moment by any player. At the seventh annual Streamy Awards, which took place in 2018, he won his first prize. Many who have heard his recordings have also praised them as humorous and great. His work has garnered praise from several influential people in the YouTube community, including Dave Trumbore and Kristin Brantley.

Rallison was recognized as one of five YouTubers who were “poised for mainstream success” by Dave Trumbore of Collider in the year 2017. A positive review of both his YouTube channel and his webcomics was published in 2018 by Kristin Brantley of Cultures. She said, “You’ll be riveted to the screen watching all these amusing films and reading all his amazing comics.”

(1)Full Name: Theodd1Sout

(2)Nickname: Theodd1Sout

(3)Born: 14 May 1996 (age 26 years)

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Janette Rallison

(6)Sister: Luke, Kate, and Arianna.

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Youtuber

(10)Birth Sign: Taurus

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Christians

(13)Height: 6’2”

(14)School: Perry High School

(15)Highest Qualifications: Graduated

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Chandler, Arizona, United States

(18)Contact Number: +1(859)651-7280

(19)Email ID:




(23)Youtube Channel:

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