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How to contact Andi Crown? Andi Crown’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Andi Crown is an accomplished American actress, voice artist, theater artist, and television star. She has performed critical parts in a wide variety of television programs as well as online productions, some of which are Head High (2020), One of Us Is Lying (2021), The Gulf (2021), and Wellington Paranormal (2018). Aside from this, she is a well-known theater artist and a voice artist, and she is recognized for her performances in several critically acclaimed plays and dramas.

Andi was born into an affluent family in the United States and spent her childhood growing up. She received her high school diploma from a reputable institution and then got a bachelor’s degree in arts and drama from a well-known university. She began her adventure in the theater at a young age, during which she found her love of acting, finished advanced acting training at a prominent theater, and then began her career in the theater.

Andi has been interested in acting ever since she was in high school, and she got her start in the film industry as a supporting cast member in the fantasy, horror, and thriller film “The Ferryman,” which was written by Chris Graham, Nick Ward, and Matthew Metcalfe. The movie’s plot centered on a group of individuals who went to Fiji, where they became the target of an evil that was pursuing them.

It was nominated for several different awards and was met with lukewarm to negative reviews from the reviewers. Andi is also well-known for her work as a voice actor, having contributed her talents to various animated television shows and video games.Andi first appeared on television in the Madeleine Sami and Thomas Sainsbury production of the comedy-drama series “Super City” in 2011, when she had a supporting role in the show.

Her breakout performance as the lead character Meredith Wilmott in the crime, drama, and mystery series “The Brokenwood Mysteries” brought her widespread recognition in the television industry in 2014. In addition to this, Andi is well-known for the outstanding work she has done in several web shows and television series, including One of Us Is Lying (2021), Head High (2020), The Gulf (2021), Educators (2020), Golden Boy (2020), Quimbo’s Quest (2019), Wellington Paranormal (2018), Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017), and Go Girls (2013), amongst others.

Andi portrayed the recurring character of Miss Avery in the crime, drama, and mystery series “One of Us Is Lying,” created by Erica Saleh in 2021. The show, adapted from the novel by Karen M. McManus of the same name and chronicled the imprisonment stories of four separate persons, was based on the book. The public and the reviewers praised the series for its exciting plot, and it was also nominated for several prizes.

It is estimated that Andi Crown will have a net worth in 2022 that is more than 3-5 million US dollars. Acting in films, television programs, stage productions, and advertisements and her involvement in other types of business contribute significantly to her financial success. Neither Andi’s parents nor siblings have been the subject of any verifiable research efforts. Therefore, no information about them is accessible. We are doing a thorough investigation on her family members and will shortly update you guys with good news.

The actors in A Knives Out Mystery are all incredibly talented, so we thought it would be fun to rate the characters they portray in the film from worst to best. Benoit Blanc is thrust into the middle of yet another murder case that he is tasked with solving in Glass Onion, which transports the series across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Alongside him is a colorful array of characters, all of which are portrayed to the utmost level of excellence by the performers in the movie.

As was the case with the previous Knives Out installment, Glass Onion’s most vital asset is its cast. Glass Onion is one of the most entertaining movies of 2022 because it has a form of talented actors and actresses and a screenplay written by Rian Johnson that is clever. Much like its predecessor, the film takes the traditional formula of the murder mystery. It turns it on its head, delivering instead a humorous, tense, and highly delightful journey, which is only reinforced by the cast and characters of Glass Onion.

Andi Crown Fan Mail address:

Andi Crown
Auckland Actors
P.O. Box 56 460
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446
New Zealand


It is essential to point out that Glass Onion has no “bad” characters since watching any of the show’s feelings is a delightful experience. Having said that, the following ranks every character from the worst to the greatest. Peg, also known as Birdie Jay’s helper, is a character who is portrayed in Glass Onion by Jessica Henwick. One and only one factor accounts for why Peg is ranked last among the characters in Glass Onion: she was not given enough work to accomplish.

Henwick gives an outstanding performance as Peg, which helps raise the character to become one of the most genuinely likable members of Glass Onion’s ensemble. Peg is only in the story because she is Birdie’s assistant, and Birdie sadly overshadows Peg with her outrageous antics. As a result, Peg has very little to no character development, and she is only in the story because of Birdie.

Despite this, one of the funniest moments in Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion occurs when Peg quizzes her supervisor on her understanding of the term “sweatshop.” This exchange generates one of the film’s most memorable chuckles. Despite Henwick’s excellent performance, this is unfortunately not enough to elevate Peg beyond her contemporaries. This is simply because they were not given sufficient screen time, as the writer for Glass Onion opted to emphasize the rest of the cast’s ensemble.

The two months spent on South Georgia Island in the Antarctic last year shooting an industrial shore-based whaling station were extraordinary, even though it was more work than play for much of those two months. Leith Station, constructed in 1905, was an eerie and deserted monument demonstrating humanity’s unquenchable need for non-renewable resources. Seeing it was both painful and exciting at the same time. When I wasn’t documenting the existing structures, I might be found pretending to be Sir David Attenborough and narrating the daily antics of the local elephant seal colony on the shore.

In the film “One of Us Is Lying,” the intense sun that shines brightly in California is something that New Zealand audiences would recognize after a long, hot summer. It is only when Rangitoto arrives in the backdrop of a scene or when a figure runs through the deserted Waiwera Hot Pools that it is made apparent why that specific ozone-free shine seems to be so recognizable.

The plot of the television show on Netflix, based on the novel of the same name, follows four high school classmates who are suspected of murder when a fellow student dies under inexplicable circumstances while serving detention. Following the production of the show’s pilot in 2019, which took place in Canada, the series was moved to New Zealand the following year, with an all-American high school being built in studios and Auckland’s shoreline serving as a stand-in for California.

The production utilized many local talents to flesh out its supporting roles after the leading ensemble had already been recruited. Antonia Prebble appears as a lawyer representing one of the accused, Aidee Walker portrays one of their mothers, and George Ferrier plays a fellow student who is also a love interest in the story. Ms. Avery, the rigorous physics teacher who put the five pupils in detention in the first place and may have a few secrets of her own, is one of the more notable characters portrayed by a New Zealander.

Andi Crown, an actor, and photographer, will play the part. She claims that landing the role surprised her after she recorded the “worst audition” inside her house during one of Auckland’s snap lockdowns in the early years of 2021. The crown will be speaking with a perfect American accent. Crown later received a phone call from her agency informing her that she had been requested to do a recall, “which I found astounding,” she chuckles. This time, the memory would occur in person in Auckland, with seasoned TV director John Scott Zooming in from the United States.

(1) Full Name: Andi Crown

(2) Nickname: Andi Crown

(3) Born: 1977 (46 years old), Auckland, New Zealand

(4) Father: Not Available

(5) Mother: Not Available

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Unmarried

(9) Profession: Actress

(10) Birth Sign: Not Available

(11) Nationality: New Zealander

(12) Religion: Not Available

(13) Height: 1.72 m

(14) School: Not Available

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: Auckland, New Zealand

(18) Contact Number: Not Available

(19) Email ID:

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter: Not Available

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel: Not Available

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