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How to contact Symonne Harrison? Symonne Harrison’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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On June 19, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, Symonne Harrison was born under the name Symonne Brianna Harrison. She was born in the United States of America and is a model, dancer, and innovator. After making her debut on the dance stage when she was only three years old, she quickly developed a passion for performing. Symonne has been dancing for more than nine years, during which time she has competed nationwide, performed at Walt Disney World, and even danced for her local NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In addition, she has appeared in the acclaimed television series The Affair, in which she co-starred with well-known performers such as Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, and Joshua Jackson. Additionally, she is the creator of the Bear on the Chair product and has a design patent for it. She has also been featured in a variety of fashion and beauty magazines, in addition to having modeled for well-known companies. Additionally, she was a performer for the basketball club the Cleveland Cavaliers. She also maintains a strong presence across a variety of social media platforms, where she has built up a sizeable following.

Her favorite kind of dance is hip-hop, and she also likes doing acrobatics and posting videos on Instagram and other social media platforms in her spare time. Symonne Harrison is a young lady who will be fourteen this year. Gemini was her astrological sign when she entered the world on June 19, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio. Her mother’s name is Tania, and her father’s name is James Harrison. She was named after both of her parents.

She began her acting and dancing career at a very early age, and she has always been an exceptionally bright and stunning performer. She followed in the footsteps of her sister and relocated to Los Angeles with her family when she was 11 years old in order to pursue a career in acting. Symonne has not revealed her ethnicity, despite the fact that her family is from the United States. Actor Symonne Harrison was born and raised in the state of Ohio. When she was just three years old, she learned that she had a talent for performing on stage and became interested in the entertainment industry. She began taking dance lessons when she was three years old and went on to win many national contests and perform at Walt Disney World. Additionally, she played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is the team that represents her hometown in the NBA.

She made her acting debut when she was seven years old and is now managed by an agency in Ohio. At the age of 11, she gave a performance in Los Angeles to promote her skill, and shortly thereafter, she signed up with talent management in Los Angeles. Her parents and siblings uprooted their lives and went to California so that she may follow her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She has taken great pleasure in developing her acting skills, gaining experience from working with other actresses, and maturing. She appeared opposite Emily Browning in the series The Affair, which was shown on Showtime.

Her Bear On The Chair product, in addition to her status as a young inventor, is presently protected by a design patent. She is overjoyed to be serving in this capacity for the National Invention League as the Child Ambassador. She expresses her happiness that children with autism may benefit from using her product. Her goods were featured in the Christmas episode of the comedy “Black-ish,” which aired on television.

In addition to that, she likes modeling and has had work featured in the journal Art and Beauty. Her popularity as a social influencer may also be attributed to the fact that she is active on Instagram and YouTube. Her channel on YouTube has over 128,000 followers and has had over 2,400,000 views in total. She is also very popular on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram, where she can be seen posting often. In most cases, she collaborates on videos for TikTok and YouTube with her other pals who are also successful on social media. Over 4.8 million people have liked the content on her TikTok account, and she has 350.1 thousand followers.

Symonne started her career as an actress when she was just seven years old and was discovered by an agency in Ohio. She got the chance to display her skill in Los Angeles when she was 11 years old, and she was promptly signed with talent management in Los Angeles. Her family uprooted and moved to California so that Symonne may follow her dream of becoming an actress. Symonne has had a lot of fun honing her craft, gaining acting experience through working with other performers, and developing as an actress.

Symonne Harrison is 16 years old as of the year 2022. She was born on June 19, 2006, therefore this makes her age 16 now. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States, into a family that belonged to the upper middle class. She graduated from a high school in Cleveland, which is located in the United States, where she received her secondary education. She has continued her studies by enrolling in the same high school she graduated from in order to pursue more schooling.

Since she was a little girl, she has been a member of a variety of local dancing events and has been awarded a variety of awards on behalf of her hometown. She has had a lifelong dream of establishing herself in the American entertainment industry as a well-known dancer and actor. Symonne Harrison’s parents are Jim Harrison and Tania Harrison. Symonne Harrison is their daughter. Symonne Harrison’s father was a successful businessman by the name of Jim Harrison, and her mother was a stay-at-home mother by the name of Tania Harrison.

Symonne Harrison is a person who is currently married. Her husband, Nick Bencivengo, is a popular TikTok celebrity and an established figure on other social media platforms. Symonne Harrison is a young lady who has a charming, alluring personality in addition to her wonderful physical looks. She has a sensual and sensuous form, with wonderful proportions, and a finely curved, slender body type. Her figure is just stunning. Her body measures out to be around 32 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 35 inches long.

Her height is roughly 5 feet and 1 inch, and her weight is close to 45 kilos. She has beautiful dark brown hair that is long and glossy and dark brown eyes that are gorgeous and seductive. Her hair is long and shiny and her hair is dark brown. Actress and dancer Symonne Harrison got her start in the entertainment field back in the day. She has taken part in a wide variety of dance contests and has been awarded a number of honors and accolades for her dancing. Lip Smacker and Beach Waver are just two of the well-known fashion and cosmetics companies that she has collaborated with in the past.

Symonne Harrison Fan Mail address:

Symonne Harrison,
Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Symonne Harrison, an American television actress, has amassed significant wealth as a result of her long and successful career in the entertainment sector. The young entrepreneur known as Bear On The Chair has earned a lot of wealth. On the other hand, there is no information available on her particular earnings. Her estimated net worth ranges anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, according to the numerous sources that were consulted.

In addition, it is projected that her wealth would increase as a result of the continued success of her acting profession. She has also become an inspiration to an uncountable number of young people, many of whom want to one day lead as opulent a life as she does. In addition, the stunning photographs that she posts on Instagram provide a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle that she leads as a result of her considerable riches.

It would seem that Symonne is now in a relationship with Ayden Mekus, a young YouTube star who is famous for his comedy videos. In a similar vein, she is in the early stages of puberty and is not even close to being old enough to get married. On a regular basis, she highlights her other friends from social media and engages in conversation with them on her various social media channels. The pictures that she publishes on Instagram show how close she is with her pals.

In addition to this, she only shares pictures of stunningly beautiful young celebrities very occasionally, and she has never shown any gratitude for them. Because of how interesting she is, she is likely to get a substantial number of followers. When she gets older, she will certainly date an attractive guy in the future, and that man’s name is Symonne Harrison, who is an American actress, model, dancer, and social media sensation. In the year 2022, Symonne Harrison has a net worth of $3 Million. It is good knowledge that she won several gold medals in dance competitions while performing for her local basketball team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In addition to that, her notoriety was helped by her participation in the HBO series The Affair. She has worked with well-known fashion and cosmetics companies, such as Lip Smacker and Beach Waver, among others. While her mother is a housewife, her father owns and operates a successful company. Her mother and father have always been very supportive of her acting profession, which she started when she was very young. She is in her last year of high school at Cleveland High School, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio. After finishing her studies, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts since she had always had an interest in acting and dancing.

After nine years of training, she has participated in national dance contests, where she has been victorious on several occasions and has performed at Walt Disney World. Additionally, she has done work for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA team that represents her hometown. She got the chance to demonstrate her skill in Los Angeles when she was 11 years old, and she immediately signed a contract with a talent agency in Los Angeles. Her family uprooted their lives and moved to California so that she may pursue her ambition of becoming an actress.

She has had a lot of fun honing her skills and picking up tips from other people. In addition to being a skilled inventor, she was awarded a design patent for the idea that she developed for the Bear On The Chair®. She is overjoyed to be serving in this capacity for the National Invention League as the Child Ambassador. It makes her happy to know that her product can help youngsters who have autism. Her product was highlighted on the “Black-ish” television show during the holiday episode that aired in December.

In addition to that, she adores modeling and has also been included in the publication “Art and Beauty.” The fact that she is a social influencer is also due in part to the fact that she is active on Instagram and YouTube. Her channel has videos on a variety of topics, including cooking, fashion, home improvement projects, and lifestyle tips. Baking is a hobby that she greatly enjoys. In addition to that, she publishes films titled “Q&A,” in which she responds to questions posed by her fans.

In addition to being a kid inventor, Symonne is the proud owner of a design patent for her creation, which is called Bear On The Chair. It is a pleasure for Symonne to represent the National Invention League as the organization’s Child Ambassador. Symonne is overjoyed by the fact that her product is beneficial to autistic youngsters. One of the episodes of the television sitcom “Black-ish” devoted to the holiday season showcased her product. Modeling is another hobby of Symonne’s, and she has been featured in Art and Beauty magazine. Through her rapidly expanding Instagram and YouTube channels, Symonne has found that she likes playing the role of a social influencer.

(1)Full Name: Symonne Harrison

(2)Nickname: Symonne Harrison

(3)Born: 19 June 2006

(4)Father: James Harrison

(5)Mother: Tania Harrison

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Actress

(10)Birth Sign: Gemini

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Christians

(13)Height: 4 feet 10 inches

(14)School: High School

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

(18)Contact Number: +1(618)228-1470

(19)Email ID: info@symonneharrison




(23)Youtube Channel:

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