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Actor and director Simon Prast are from Auckland in, New Zealand. Prast is credited for establishing the Auckland Theatre Company and serving as the director of the first Auckland Festival in 2003. Otara and Waikowhai, both located in Auckland, were Prast’s childhood homes. He attended Waikowhai Primary, King’s School, and Auckland Grammar School for his education. He graduated from the University of Auckland’s Theatre Corporate program and possessed a law degree (LLB) from the same institution.

After receiving his diploma from the Theatre Corporate Drama School in 1984, Prast began his acting career in both the Downstage and Mercury theaters in Wellington and Auckland, respectively. He debuted professionally in 1985, starring alongside Michael Hurst in Torch Song Trilogy, which Theatre Corporate produced. After establishing the Auckland Theatre Company in 1992 and serving as its first Director from March 1992 to February 2003, he made and directed more than sixty main bill performances, one of which was The Graduate.

The Rocky Horror Show, Haruru Mai, The Daylight Atheist, Hair, Death of a Salesman, Wit, Art, Closer, The Judas Kiss, A Streetcar Named Desire, and 12 Angry Men are some of the movies that have been adapted into musicals. The theater subscribers voted 12 Angry Men the “Production of the Decade.” Prast was the director of the play. In 1983, Prast debuted on television in the drama series Mortimer’s Patch, produced in New Zealand. In 1987, he returned to television by playing the role of Alistair Redfern in the soap opera Gloss, which was set in New Zealand.

In the drama film depicting the French terrorist assault on a Greenpeace boat in Auckland Harbour in 1985, released in 1992, he is the protagonist. Sam Neill and Jon Voight were the other actors in The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. During the 1995–1996 season of the soap series Shortland Street, he made multiple appearances as Nurse Paul Churchill. In the film When Love Comes Along, released in New Zealand in 1998 and directed by Garth Maxwell, Prast appeared with Rena Owen and Dean O’Gorman as a co-star.

Prast was responsible for organizing the first Auckland event, a biannual celebration of the arts and culture. The event was promoted under the name AK03. The event is a celebration of Auckland’s distinctive and one-of-a-kind character, with a specific focus on the Pacific influence. In 1988, Prast collaborated with TV personality Jay Laga’aia to co-host the first Coca-Cola 24-hour Music Weekend. Laga’aia was the main presenter of the event. In 1988, he performed on the Telethon with the Ptea Maori Club with the EastEnders actress Letitia Dean and Dalvanius Prime.

He sang “I’m Glad I’m Not a Kennedy” with Shona Laing during the same show. In 1998, Prast battled with local politician Craig Little to increase regional funding for the arts on Backchat’s television show hosted by Bill Ralston and focused on skills. Shortly after the discussion, ten million dollars were put aside to provide financial assistance to cultural events with significant regional relevance to Auckland.

In 2009, Prast appeared on the TVNZ Breakfast Show as an art expert and harshly criticized the Auckland City Council for overpaying International Theatre Productions. After not seeing Simon Prast for ten years, I thought his life had undergone such profound transformations that reuniting with him would be practically identical to getting to know a new person.

After that, he became a highly influential director of the Auckland Theatre Company, which he had previously established. He was a major star in the city’s artistic life, usually vivacious, sometimes charming, and frequently aggressive. He was a character. He could be intimidating at times and endearingly goofy at others. Since then, he has had what can only be described as an unusual existence. Therefore, he must have changed quite a deal, or at least slightly. He has, and he still needs to do so.

This will be his first appearance on stage since 2004 and will take place in the ATC production of Anne Boleyn, which will begin performances at the Q Theatre on June 13. He is now referred to as a “jobbing actor.” We had a relationship that was (mostly) mutually courteous but (always) suspicious when we last saw one other since he was that extremely prominent director and I was a theater critic. We also had a running humor (or I did) about a horrible pair of black hairy boots he usually wore on opening evenings and was inordinately fond of. This joke was mine to come up with.

Simon Prast Fan Mail address:

Simon Prast,
Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand


In the parking lot outside of the ATC practice rooms, he came out to say hello to me and light up a cigarette. As he did so, he raised one pant leg and said, “Look! “Those unkempt boots!” It was hard for me to comprehend that he still had them. It was in London in 1996 that he made the purchase. Imagine being able to recall anything like that. He claims that he remembers because he had been awarded a study grant to travel to London, but I believe the boots are why he remembers the date.

He has a face that tells its own story as if you could piece together some of the things that have occurred to the person who wears it over the years. Therefore, he seems older and perhaps even slightly sadder. However, he also appears to be in a better mood, or at least lighter than before. He was so young when he established the ATC, which rose from the ashes of the Mercury Theatre, and he managed it for 11 years – with an iron fist in a velvet glove, I always believed; he always maintained he was only a “ticket seller.”

The ATC’s construction of a permanent home in the Wynyard Quarter will begin the following year. Simon Prast, a controversial actor who starred in the iconic 1980s television drama Gloss, has reportedly declared bankruptcy after running up massive debts. The 49-year-old actor, who has been in many iconic New Zealand television shows, is having trouble finding employment and is now subsisting on sickness insurance and ACC. The man previously honored by Metro as “Auckland Man of the Year” has requested to be evaluated for a kind of bankruptcy known as the fast-track process.

Prast, who lives in Greenlane in Auckland, has declined to discuss his application, submitted earlier this week. He responded by saying, “I have no comment to make.”It has been verified by a spokesperson for the Insolvency and Trustee Service that Prast has applied the No Asset Procedure (NAP). Still, the Insolvency and Trustee Service has not yet decided whether to “accept or reject that application.”

She explained that the NAP program is designed for those with $40,000 or less in debt. They may apply to us, and if they satisfy some rather stringent conditions, such as having no assets and no excess income, they may be eligible to go through the NAP path, which lasts for 12 months as opposed to the three years required for bankruptcy. The debts are forgiven after the period. Still, your name will continue appearing on credit reporting registries for an additional four years, as with bankruptcy.

When individuals are getting drunk and hitting their spouses, and the government is earning from cigarette sales, the high-profile actor and directors believe it is “hypocritical” to outlaw the narcotic classified as a Class A substance. His proposal to harmonize the regulations governing methamphetamine with those governing alcohol and cigarettes has gotten him into a conflict with anti-drug advocates, such as the broadcaster Paul Holmes and the former deputy prime minister Jim Anderton.

Following an initial refusal to answer questions on drug usage, his father served time in Paremoremo jail for trafficking heroin Prast admitted to using P in an interview with the Herald on Sunday of this week. He used the case of Millie Elder as an illustration. Elder is the daughter of Paul Holmes, known for his work in broadcasting and writing columns. Holmes’ daughter was found guilty of possessing methamphetamine.

(1) Full Name: Simon Prast

(2) Nickname: Simon Prast

(3) Born: 6 March 1962 (age 61 years), Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand

(4) Father: Not Available

(5) Mother: Not Available

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Actor

(10) Birth Sign: Pisces

(11) Nationality: New Zealand

(12) Religion: Christians

(13) Height: 179 cm

(14) School: Not Available

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand

(18) Contact Number: Not Available

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook:

(21) Twitter: NA

(22) Instagram: NA

(23) Youtube Channel: NA

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