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How to contact Rachel Nash? Rachel Nash’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Rachel Nash has an extensive acting resume spans the film, television, and stage industries. She has been nominated for a New Zealand Film supporting actor award for the character she played in the indie film with a low budget titled Jinx Sister. For this portrayal, she has earned rave reviews. The Cult, Outrageous Fortune, The Legend of the Seeker, The Pretender, and Mercy Peak are just a few of the television shows in which she has appeared.

Rachel Nash is a well-known actress in New Zealand who has starred in various films and television programs produced in New Zealand throughout her career. She has appeared in multiple episodes of Mercy Peak, Outrageous Fortune, Legend of the Seeker, and The Cult, and several guest-starring parts in Shortland Street. You might make the case that Rachel Nash was designed for her most recent theatrical role as the mom of a missing traveler, even though she runs the danger of being perpetually typecast as a “grieving mother.”

She explains that “it’s a gift.” “It truly is a gift of a part, and it did fall into my lap while I auditioned for it. I can’t believe how fortunate and wonderful I am! Enlightenment is a play by Shelagh Stephenson, and the Auckland Theatre Company is producing it. Nash is playing the leading role. It has been well over a decade since she last worked for the ATC in any capacity. On the other hand, acting has taken a backseat to her other occupation, conducting funerals, for the last five years.

In the entertainment industry, “resting” time is often spent serving beers and grinding coffee beans; yet, Nash believes that her acting and coffee bean grinding jobs have certain parallels. According to her, there is “an interest and a fascination with the way humans work, as well as our emotions and what happens” in both cases. And the time she spends comforting mourning relatives is somewhat analogous to the effort put into getting to know a character.

One of the essential qualifications for the role is that she has dealt with several deaths in her family, beginning with her mother’s passing in 1997. Her mother’s death ignited Nash’s interest in how people deal with loss. Ultimately, she started working for the funeral directors in Auckland, known as the State of Grace, about five years ago. State of Grace presented a family-oriented, eco-friendly approach where death was considered a normal part of life, and she was interested in a softer, more casual method of dealing with mourning. She adds that traditionally, women would manage death in a family and that she was looking for a way to deal with grief that was less formal.

“When a woman hands me her dead baby, and I look after it, I think, ‘I am glad it is me.’ I know what to do with this baby, to cuddle it, dress it, and look after it, the way I would want it to be [with my own family],” she adds. “When a woman hands me her dead baby, I look after it.”People want to ask those questions because we don’t speak about it; if I were a midwife, everyone would have a birth story to offer, but as soon as they find out I’m a funeral director, they have a death story they want to share. Her work is a “good conversation stopper or starter – people like to ask those questions because we don’t talk about it.”

Nash decided to reduce her time acting because she found it “emotionally difficult” to balance her professional and personal life. She stated, “People don’t die between nine and five – being available is important.” Her acting credits include The Almighty Johnsons, the Cult, and Abandoned, in addition to no less than five different named roles on Shortland Street. Similarly, she has removed herself from the duties associated with the burial to concentrate on enlightenment.

Rachel Nash Fan Mail address:

Rachel Nash,
New Zealand


Ria Vandervis, a soap star in New Zealand, is aware that the experience of completing her first half marathon in many years would be bittersweet. To raise critical cash and awareness for the fight against bowel cancer, the actress has traded her stethoscope from Shortland Street for a pair of running shoes. In addition, the television star will be forced to relive some terrible memories due to her fight since she recently disclosed that a close friend passed away due to the condition.

On the ongoing hospital drama shown on TV2, Vandervis plays the role of emergency physician Harper Whitley. The participant, who will be 33 years old on May 12, will participate in the 12th annual Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon. The candid actress has expressed her sincere hope that by diving headfirst into her new role, she could raise awareness of the condition responsible for the deaths of more than 1200 people annually.

Last year, the disease took the life of the mother of one of my closest friends, and I was also very close with her. Her passing was a great loss to me, as we were very close.”At the marathon, Vandervis will be joined by Amelia Reid-Meredith, her former co-star on Shortland Street. Reid-Meredith portrayed the role of Bella Durville, a flighty receptionist. More than three thousand individuals are diagnosed with colon cancer each year in New Zealand, giving the country one of the highest colon cancer rates in the world.

Vandervis, also employed as a marriage celebrant in Auckland and who operates online printed clothes and promo business, claims that she “jumped at the chance to help. I am always up for a challenge and willing to support a good cause, so when a great friend proposed that we run the Saint Clair Half Marathon and raise money for Bowel Cancer NZ, I leaped at the opportunity. I am always up for a challenge and willing to support a good cause.

(1) Full Name: Rachel Nash

(2) Nickname: Rachel Nash

(3) Born: Jul 18, 1968

(4) Father: Not Available

(5) Mother: Not Available

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Unmarried

(9) Profession: Actress

(10) Birth Sign: Not Available

(11) Nationality: New Zealand

(12) Religion: Christians

(13) Height: Not Available

(14) School: Not Available

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: New Zealand

(18) Contact Number: (800) 991-3424

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook: Not Available

(21) Twitter: Not Available

(22) Instagram: Not Available

(23) Youtube Channel: Not Available

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