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The “solo” is an essential component of the curriculum of Toi Whakaari, the national theater school of New Zealand. When Jarod Rawiri was in his third year, these solos tended to be serious events. Actors would often retell family tales or impersonate great historical characters to demonstrate what they had learned over the previous three years.

On the other hand, Rawiri’s solo was taken straight from the headlines. He took on the role of an otter who had just recently gotten away from the Wellington Zoo and was on the lam for many days before being discovered. The show lasted for twenty minutes and was full of rowdy and exciting moments. It was, by all accounts, a remarkable event that will go down in history.

It was a favor that introduced Rawiri to her first taste of the drama bug. His acting instructor at Glendowie College sought someone skilled in taiaha to participate in a school production. At the time, he was too reserved to even think of studying drama, but he eventually consented to do so and was thrilled to be the sole fourth-former amid a group of sixth-formers. After some time, the same instructor persuaded him to enroll in the course, and after some more time, he was admitted to Toi Whakaari.

In 2002, when he graduated, the business world was in a different position than it is now. If you were going to school to become a Maori actor, you would perform Maori parts. If a company wasn’t attempting to make a statement by casting a person of color in character written by Shakespeare or Chekhov, people may raise an eyebrow. Casting that was either color aware or colorblind occurred very seldom on our big stages.

Shane Bosher, the creative director of Silo Theatre at the time and directing the current production of Long Day’s Journey into Night that Rawiri is starring in at Auckland Theatre Company, was one of the first to see Rawiri’s promise. Other Maori theater icons, Nancy Brunning and Hone Kouka were among the first to recognize Rawiri’s ability.

Rawiri’s method of acting is said to be supported by a “visible soul,” according to Bosher. “Jarod’s a natural storyteller,” is what he says, and I agree. His work is backed by rigor, respect, and a desire to hold the story collectively, and he is both gloriously fun and incredibly daring. Since 2006, when Bosher hired actor Rawiri in the show Take Me Out, about a baseball player coming out of the closet, the actor has racked up an astonishing number of credits.

Not only has he performed in some of the most acclaimed works in the canon of contemporary international theater, such as Angels in America, Lobby Hero, and The Brothers Size, but he is also credited with creating the part of famed rugby player George Nepia in the play that is based on his life.

His most recognizable performances are Mo Hannah on Shortland Street, a recurrent position as “Hine’s Hubby” on Mean Mums, and most recently, the investigator Daniel Chalmers on The Brokenwood Mysteries. He has also been a mainstay on the small screen.

It is a list of credits that testifies to Rawiri’s talent not only as an actor but also as someone capable of doing whatever a project requires of him. To successfully portray Belize, the drag queen nurse in Angels in America, one must take a different attitude than one would use to describe Chalmers, the rather straight-laced investigator.

The first need is an actor who is versatile and able to perform a variety of roles. Long Day’s Journey into Night is a play that gives Rawiri a lot of room to act, which is somewhat surprising considering that the plot of the piece centers on a family’s spiral into addiction and self-loathing. It’s been a long time since I felt I needed to perform a significant play! Rawiri exclaims with enthusiasm often associated with actors.

He makes a connection between the time-honored drama written by Eugene O’Neill and the one and only primetime soap opera that is popular in the nation, despite the two involving very different forms and levels of labor. “The character, Jamie, and my [Shortland Street] character, Mo, and all of the characters in Shortland Street live such hopeless lives,” he adds. “All of the characters in Shortland Street live such hopeless lives.” They are dealing with such enormous stress and other problems in their lives.

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Jarod Rawiri,
New Zealand


The unique aspect of this situation is that I experience the whole character’s life arc in just one day, which has been an incredible opportunity. In the play, Jamie Tyronee is the central figure of a four-member family unit. He is the only member of his family who is prepared to admit that every man is an alcoholic, that his father’s tight pursestrings have made things significantly worse for everyone, and that his mother is again in the throes of her morphine addiction.

Rawiri was the sole candidate Bosher considered for the part of Long Day’s Journey Into Night when it came time to cast the movie. “Jamie requires an actor with a fierce grip around his heart, someone who is not afraid to go to very uncomfortable places and isn’t afraid to meet the other actors in take-no-prisoners gladiatorial style showdowns,” said the casting director. “Jamie requires an actor with a fierce grip around his heart.”

Now that Rawiri is over 40, more than two decades into his profession, and with pretty secure employment in television, he reasoned that he wanted to return to the acting he first enjoyed. “Because the task requires that you do so, it’s been a while since I’ve immersed myself in anything to this extent. Because I’ve been busy with a lot of work lately, I haven’t had to invest as much of myself.”

Ahikroa, a multilingual series about young urban rangitahi “getting cash, cutting corners, and charging their phones,” in which he has worked as both an actor and a director, is a project he has invested in. When he speaks about the show, he becomes just as excited as he does when he talks about his upcoming play at the ATC. “It’s a show that is pushing boundaries and trying to open up and be a voice for this generation, but also for them to lead processes,” said one critic. “It’s a show that is really pushing boundaries.”

In the most recent season, the program focused a significant portion of its narrative on the culture surrounding vogue in New Zealand. Vogue is a stylized dance style that originated in the LGBTQI+ community of New York City and was subsequently made famous by a record by Madonna with the same name. The producers realized they hadn’t adequately included the more prominent community until a writer from that group was present at the story table. This was something that Rawiri, in his capacity as director of that episode, took seriously.

The second television project that Rawiri is working on right now is even more prominent than Shortland Street because of its prominence. The Brokenwood Mysteries is one of the most successful television shows in New Zealand history, especially overseas, thanks to its innovative decision to set a Midsomer Murders-esque comedy against the moody vistas of the Rodney District, located north of Auckland. Filming for the ninth season of The Brokenwood Mysteries will begin after Long Day’s Journey into Night comes to an end. The Brokenwood Mysteries is one of New Zealand’s most successful television shows.

The fact that Rawiri was cast in The Brokenwood Mysteries and Long Day’s Journey into Night proves that the industry is undergoing significant shifts. When it comes to casting with an awareness of diversity, New Zealand is still rather far behind the rest of the globe. After Rawiri completed his training at the theatre school, he could have been selected to play Belize in Angels in America, but there is no way in hell that he would have been chosen to appear in a Eugene O’Neill play.

However, if you see his performances as Jamie Tyrone today, you won’t be able to dispute that he is playing the part. In “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” everyone has their turn in the spotlight at some point. A mother takes medication to escape the here and now and return to happier times in the family’s history. At the same time, a father wistfully reminisces about the victories he won in the family’s distant past. However, the moment that is the most real and alive of all is when Jamie crashes back into the home after a night of drinking.

Even though he tells Edmund that he loves him more than anybody else and more than anything else in the world, he can’t wait to see him fail. It’s awkward, raw, and darkly and human, all at the same time. Long Day’s Journey Into Night might be considered an excellent addition to Rawiri’s collection of works to his credit. We’re even lucky to get to watch him in it.

(1) Full Name: Jarod Rawiri

(2) Nickname: Jarod Rawiri

(3) Born: September 26, 2007

(4) Father: Not Available

(5) Mother: Not Available

(6) Sister: Not Available

(7) Brother: Not Available

(8) Marital Status: Unmarried

(9) Profession: Actor

(10) Birth Sign: Not Available

(11) Nationality: Asian

(12) Religion: Christians

(13) Height: Not Available

(14) School: Not Available

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: New Zealand

(18) Contact Number: Not Available

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jarodrawiritheactor

(21) Twitter: https://twitter.com/JarodRawiri

(22) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jarod_rawiri

(23) Youtube Channel: Not Available

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