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How to contact Cody Ko? Cody Ko’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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A YouTube celebrity and Vine star from Canada is Cody Ko. With his #6 second Vine auditions video, he rose to fame in the internet scene. He eventually succeeded in gaining more than 2.7 million followers on the app. He also rose to enormous fame on YouTube. As of March 2018, his comedic videos have amassed over 833k subscribers and over 79 million views. He also has a respectable amount of followers on Instagram and Twitter. On occasion, Cody Ko may create songs and even sing them. Additionally, he hosts the podcast “Insanely Chill with Cody Ko.”

The Canadian social media star has a wide range of skills. He used to dive competitively and even run a few marathons. In my experience, Cody Ko is a great guy who is entertaining and chill as hell. He enjoys telling jokes and getting others to laugh. He enjoys spending his leisure time with friends and family. On May 29, 2014, Cody Ko launched his YouTube account. He began by posting vlogs about his personal life. The crowd enjoyed seeing these movies, which included “BEST FRIENDS Q&A — CODY AND DEVON,” “I smoked cocaine with the pope,” “Farting in a wetsuit,” “Getting drunk at vidcon,” and “Behind the scenes of camp unplug.”

Following this, he released a variety of content and published the videos “DOING STANDUP COMEDY” and “SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES REVIEW.” The Canadian YouTuber then started sharing amusing stuff on Instagram in videos with his comments. These films included “Instagram comedians,” “Esteban is the worst thing that has ever happened to Instagram,” and “Weird Instagram Comments with Corinna Kopf.” His audience seemed to like these videos. Cody Ko started posting hilarious material after being inspired.

He most recently posted the films “Dogs on Instagram,” “THAT’S CRINGE: Valentine’s Day Edition,” “Making fun of your work,” and “WEIRD INSTAGRAM COMMENTS: Emily Ratajkowski (emrata).”
All of them have received a lot of likes, comments, and hundreds of thousands of views. Cody Ko has rapidly gained popularity. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that he will continue to do so shortly. This man is here to stay with his hilarious videos, clever commentary, and endearing demeanor. Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk welcomed Cody Ko into the world as Cody Kolodziejzyk on November 22, 1990, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Krista, his sister, often appears in his YouTube videos.

He studied at Duke University in North Carolina, earning a BA in Computer Science in 2012. When it comes to the Canadian YouTuber’s romantic life, he is in a relationship with Taco Tuesday Girl, a.k.a. Kelsey Kreppel. In their films, the duo can be seen working together often. Alongside Jimmy Tatro, Cody Ko has been in the YouTube series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.” He created the “I’d Cap That” app when he was 20.

A Canadian rapper, podcaster, YouTuber, and social media sensation, Cody Ko is also known as Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk. Cody Ko has a $6 million net worth as of 2022. Along with YouTuber Noel Miller, he is most known for being a member of the comedy-rap group Tiny Meat Gang. He has a sizable following on the Vine app and YouTube, where he posts quick comedic sketches. Additionally, he appeared in several well-known films, including The Real Bros of Simi Valley and Camp Unplug.

He finished his elementary education at Calgary, Alberta’s Springbank Community High School. After that, he enrolled at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where he earned his computer science degree. He has been interested in technology since he was young and wanted to pursue a career. When he posted his little skits on Vine, the music video app, in 2013, his career as an online star took off, and he gained a lot of admirers and followers.

Ko launched his own YouTube account in 2014 when Vine was discontinued. On this channel, he uploaded vlogs, including material from his personal life, and worked with other YouTube celebrities. His fan base grew thanks to the videos significantly, and he now has millions of followers.

Together with a former coworker and friend Noel Miller, they founded the comic rap duo Tiny Meat Gang, in 2017. The group has since produced songs and launched a podcast called The Tiny Meat Gang. Later that year, he released his first track, “Super Xan,” to resounding acclaim among his followers. In the same year, he and Miller also published “Bangers and Ass,” their first EP.

Then he was chosen to play Wade Sanders, one of the four major characters, in the YouTube video series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.” He and Miller started traveling the nation in 2018 while simultaneously releasing a second EP named “Locals Only” and presenting their podcast live on stage. They won a Shorty Award for best podcast the following year and were signed by Arista Records. He launched a brand-new, limited-episode podcast called “The Pleasure is Ours” in 2020, marking a big turning point in his career. He also attained five million YouTube followers.

He and Miller co-founded T.M.G. Studios in 2021. Ko stands out among the YouTubers of his age with his mix of sarcasm and observational humor. He is well-liked for being a relatable celebrity who posts material based on real-life events and circumstances, making him popular with his followers. Fans may purchase some of his goods from his website as well. As a result of his engagement with Kelsey Kreppel, he has also drawn a lot of media attention.

Cody Cody Ko, a well-known stage name used by Canadian rapper, comedian, podcaster, and YouTuber Michael Kolodziejzyk. He initially gained notoriety as a result of a brief humorous Vine comedy. Before Vine was discontinued, he amassed more than 2 million followers. He also rose to enormous fame on YouTube. Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk welcomed Cody Ko on November 22, 1990, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He attended Duke University after graduating from Springbank Community High School in 2008.

On occasion, Cody Ko may create songs and even sing them. The Canadian social media star has a wide range of skills. He used to dive competitively, and he’s even run multiple marathons. In my experience, Cody Ko is an entertaining and chill guy. After pursuing his interests, he worked as a senior iOS developer at Fullscreen, a division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. On Vine, Kolodziejzyk became well-known for his quick comic skits. He publishes a podcast and two YouTube channels with a range of videos, most of which are criticisms and comments about other YouTube and Instagram users and their content.

He is friends with Noel Miller, a fellow YouTuber, and former Viner. He regularly works on commentary videos and records music as the comedic rap duo Tiny Meat Gang. After joining Arista Records in October 2019, Tiny Meat Gang issued the EPs Locals Only on December 20, 2018, and Bangers & Ass on December 15, respectively. Together, they host the Tiny Meat Gang podcast, which won the 2019 Shorty Award for the best podcast, the That’s Cringe commentary series, a Let’s Play series for the Love Island mobile game, and the That’s Cringe commentary series. The prize was given out on May 5, 2019, at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

Therefore, they were both highly business-minded. Then they both began competing in marathons. My father set a new record for the most distance covered by human power in a single day. He created a bike, rode it for 24 hours around a track, and set a world record. My parents then began competing in Ironman triathlons. Now, they compete in 100-mile ultramarathons. They are crazy. I was thus motivated my whole life. I became motivated to try new things and learn new skills.

The Vine sensation created the viral hashtag #6secondauditions and became extremely popular on YouTube, where his comedy videos have earned him over 5 million subscribers. He is also one-half of the Tiny Meat Gang duo. He posted his first video to Vine on April 3, 2013. He auditioned as Mary Poppins in the first #6secondauditions video ever.

He accumulated over 2 million followers on Vine before it was shut down. He joined Cameo in 2020 and offered his fans the chance to pay $50 to play Fall Guys with him.
His sister appeared on his Vine channel, and his father and dog have occurred on his Instagram. He began dating Kelsey Kreppel in 2017. The couple announced their engagement in December 2021.

He accepted a job as a programmer in Los Angeles after returning home. Here, he first met Noel Miller, a future working partner. It’s a fairly humorous tale, Cody remarked. We followed each other on Vine and were both posting YouTube videos. So, we exchanged a few words online. On the first day of work, my new supervisor showed me to my desk, and I saw Noel seated across from me. Are you stalking me? we asked one other as we exchanged glances. This is very strange.

Cody was concentrating on his podcast, which had Noel as a guest, and his YouTube channel during this time. “With him and me, it was simply an effortless flow, which is uncommon,” added Cody. A year or so later, I left my job to devote all of my time to the show and YouTube. Later, when he was let go, I advised him, “Don’t find a job immediately away.” We can sign up for Patreon and attempt to start earning money right now. As a result, we are not dependent on ads. We (The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast) are the site’s 24th-largest Patreon after a year and a half.

Cody’s tale is motivating in an era when practically everyone under 30 wants to leave school or their job and become a YouTuber. Up to the point when it made financial sense for him to resign, he persisted in working while working on his goal on the side. In the beginning, he said, “I didn’t care what anybody thought because I was like, ‘I’m an engineer, and I’m just going to do this because I’m good at it.’ It was a godsend. I was doing it for pleasure, so I never bothered what other people thought of me online.

Cody Ko Fan Mail address:

Cody Ko,
Calgary, Canada


Kolodziejzyk often works along with his fiance. Kolodziejzyk usually collaborates with his fiancee Kelsey Kreppel on Couples Cringe. In 2017, Kolodziejzyk and Jimmy Tatro, another YouTuber, joined the cast of The Real Bros of Simi Valley. Cody became a well-known YouTuber and developer who accumulated considerable wealth. In 2022, Cody Ko’s net worth is projected to be about $6 million. His YouTube channel and paid work as an iPhone application developer are his primary sources of income and wealth.

Over 5 million people subscribe to his “Cody Ko” YouTube channel, which significantly increases his net worth and the sales of the few rap albums he has put out. Additionally, he has a magnificent Vince home worth more than $3 million. His unusual way of living has been influenced in part by his parents. My folks are both nuts,” he said. When my mother was young, she sold a software company. Additionally, my dad sold a software company.

Most YouTubers with a popular podcast and YouTube channel would stop exploring other projects, but Cody pushes himself to discover new skills. Last year, Cody and Noel took their podcast on the road and performed live nationwide. And they’ll start a new tour in August. They also released a mixtape in December 2018 with over 10 million streams. Cody is also pursuing his second interest, which is music. He said, “Two years ago, I made fun of Jake Paul’s song in a video.

I thought, “I believe I can write a better song than this,” at that point. It resembled a challenge in several ways. I thus built this terrible beat and invited Noel over to rap over it. Therefore, we wrote this very awful song. And it didn’t surpass Jake’s music in quality. However, that was my first beat, and I thought it was incredibly awesome. I’ve always wanted to compose my songs. And I kept becoming more involved. I’ve been working on it in the background for a long now. Now let’s review. Cody Ko is a prominent YouTuber, computer engineer, comedian, podcast presenter, business owner, and hip-hop producer.

Swimming was one of the first skills he learned. Cody, a talented swimmer in high school, planned to continue swimming in college. At Duke University, he joined the swim team while pursuing a degree in computer science. After finishing college, he accepted a computer engineer position at a start-up in Silicon Valley. After working for a few years, he decided to leave his job since he was becoming tired of it and travel to Southeast Asia with a buddy. They also launched a company, a greeting card app, to continue working on programming and earn some money while traveling.

(1)Full Name: Cody Ko

(2)Nickname: Cody Ko

(3)Born: 22 November 1990

(4)Father: Greg Kolodziejzyk

(5)Mother: Helen Kolodziejzyk

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Youtuber

(10)Birth Sign: Sagittarius

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: 1.75 m

(14)School: Springbank Community High School

(15)Highest Qualifications: Duke University

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Calgary, Canada

(18)Contact Number: +1(859)651-7280

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:–4JvqKbunwSI2lYQ

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