“Infected Monkz” is a trendy tattoo parlor in Kochi. The fact that you can get a great tattoo there at a reasonable price makes it a top-notch establishment. Infected Monkz is a school for aspiring tattoo artists. They have skilled workers who will make everything you may imagine. As a result of their diligent attention to sanitation, they routinely surpass required health and safety benchmarks. You can always count on them to provide you with the ideal tattoo layout and style. Tools and inks are imported. “Infected Monkz” provides its regulars with free estimates and post-service recommendations.

Specialty: Temporary, Permanent, Black and Grey, Half and Full Sleeve, Memorial, Cover-Ups, Custom, Mandala, Haida, Religious, Colour Work, Portraits, Photo Realism, Lettering Tattoo & Peircing



Location: 39/1146, Njra-275(A First Floor, North Janatha Road, Citizen Lane, Palarivattom, Kochi, KL 682025


When it comes to tattooing in Kochi, one of the best places to go is Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio. In addition to its skilled staff, the tattoo parlor’s decor is second to none. As an artist, Shyama is exceptionally imaginative, patient, and gifted. She makes you feel at ease to share your thoughts and feelings with her because of how pleasant she is. The vibe at the one-of-a-kind Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio is unmatched. Advice on how to maintain a customer’s tattoos is also provided. Their team takes your feedback seriously, investigates your needs, and offers constructive design suggestions. The tattooing experience at Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio will be one you’ll always remember fondly. Additionally, they’re very interested in having relaxing music playing in the background while getting tattooed.

Specialty: Geometric, Black and Grey, Motivational Quotes, Memorial, Tribal, Natural, Cover-Up, Blacksteel, Custom Script, Water Color, Abstract, Sleeve, Portrait, Photorealism, Full-Color & Traditional Tattoos



Location: 1st Floor Manghat Apartrments, 54/3170, Kaloor – Kadavanthara Road, Near Volga Bar, Kochi, KL 682020


In Kerala, there is a huge, professional studio called Restless Monkey Clan that has incredible energy. If you’re looking for a professional tattoo artist, go no farther than Anoop Jayaram. He will give your tattoo the time and care it deserves, and he will exceed your expectations in the process. The studio’s personnel is extremely motivated and well-guided thanks to the owner, Anoop Jairam, and his directions and guidance. The designers spend precious time offering suggestions for artwork that could appeal to you. Needles and other implements are discarded after use, and they are sterilized. Restless Monkey Clan promises the most relaxed and comfortable setting possible for being inked. The company also provides discounted portfolio packages. A full course in artistic instruction is also available. They will work to build a plan that is within your financial constraints.

Specialty: Small, Colour Realism, Couple, Scar Cover-Up & Portrait Tattoos



Location: 1st Floor, Raman’s Arcade Kaloor Kadavanthra Road, Kathrikadavu, Ernakulam, Kochi, KL 682036

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