There is a swimming pool at the Morhabadi Football Stadium that is open to residents of Ranchi and the surrounding areas. Their personnel is well trained, so the swimmers’ demands are met promptly and accurately every time. The swimming pool at the Morhabadi Football Stadium is constantly spotless and offers excellent value for the money. You can take your first swimming lessons at the pool at the Morhabadi Football Stadium. They charge $3,000 per month for use of their pool and offer expert maintenance in exchange. The swimming pool of the Morhabadi Football Stadium is another place to go for a spotless environment and fresh water, with five lifeguards on duty constantly. Additionally, their pool is a great spot for kids and teens to hang out with their pals. You can swim in peace knowing that the pool at the Morhabadi Football Stadium is clean and that the staff will treat you with respect.

Specialty: Water Polo, Swimming Pool, Sports Activities, Events & Other Games

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Location: Ranchi University, Morabadi, Ranchi, JH 834008


Located in the middle of Ranchi, Aqua 4 Seasons is a public swimming pool, exercise center, and spa. As a result of their efforts, the pool’s water is always clean and transparent. In order to ensure the safety of its swimmers, Aqua 4 Seasons maintains a constant chlorine level well below federal guidelines. In addition, their trainer, who goes by the name “Mr. Jeevan,” is a nice guy who teaches everything to the client, from how to float to different swimming techniques. The swimmers at Aqua 4 Seasons receive top-notch instruction. Aqua 4 Seasons’ specialty instructors can train new swimmers in the basics of swimming, freestyle, and backstroke in just 12 days. Aqua 4 Seasons provides male and female clients with their own personal trainers. You can master the basics of swimming in a month of professional instruction at Aqua 4 Seasons, where they offer a variety of interesting swimming classes.

Specialty: Public Outdoor Pool, Swim Classes, Swimming Club, Pool Maintenance, Pool Cleaning, Gym & Physical Fitness Centre

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Location: Forest Officers’ Colony, Doranda, Ranchi, JH 834001


The Jsca Swimming Pool Complex is well-known as one of the best in the Ranchi area. They have a clean pool and a great location for business. The Jsca Swimming Pool Complex gives you first-rate assistance at a price you can easily afford. They give a wide variety of services and their swimmers are well-trained and friendly. Customers at the Jsca Swimming Pool Complex are always met with warm hospitality. They value maintaining a lifelong bond with each of their swimmers. To ensure the safety of their swimmers, they contain less chlorine. They are experts at performing their duties at the appropriate time and location. The patrons of the Jsca Swimming Pool complex are the facility’s top priority.

Specialty: Events, Swimming Classes, Games, Water Polo & Other Activities

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Location: JSCA International Stadium, JP Market Rd, JP Nagar, Birsa Nagar, Ranchi, JH 834004

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