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One of the most well-known vishakapatnam sweets stores, Laddu Gopal, offers a rainbow of flavorful and colorful confections to its loyal clientele. It’s a well-known candy store that sells an extensive selection of sweets and munchies. The shop’s window displays feature mouthwatering candies, and the area is well-known for its chaats. You can get your fill of chaats, pav bhaji, and jalebi here. Their desserts have an authentic, traditional Indian flavor and a smooth, ghee-like consistency. The workers there are putting up long hours to meet customer demand for their regular products. Laddu Gopal offers in-store pickup and shopping. Get a badam drink to go with your order of jalebi, samosa, and the house specialty Laddu Gopal sauce. You can order online and have it delivered from Laddu Gopal.

Specialty: Swiss Roll, Kaju Barfi, Dry Fruit Paan, Dry Fruit Cake, Kaju Katori, Kaju Apple, Bellam Kaju, Soan Barfi, Elaichi Peda, Motipak, Dilkhushar, Kesar Peda, Chenna Toast, Chum Chum, Pineapple Sandwich, Honey Dew, Milk Mysore Pak, Kalakand, Grape Halwa, Khaja, Kova Kajjikayalu, Mango Barfi, Dahi Puri, Tikki Chole Chat, Bangla Nimki & Palli Pakodi

Email: NA

Website: NA

Location: 1-83-23 MVP Colony Near TTD Kaly MVP Double Road, Visakhapatnam, AP 530017


Famous sweets and savory snacks from all around India can be found in Sweet India. Authentic Indian sweets and snacks cooked in desi ghee are available here. All of their candy is produced in a spotless, sanitary environment. Their staff is driven by an unquenchable thirst for daily expression. Affordable and 100% pure ghee menu options are available here. They also provide healthy, handcrafted desserts for parties and other events. You may get high-quality dairy candies for very little money. They offer a wide selection of candies in a number of flavor profiles. Their delicious treats will make your mouth water. Indulge in some Arisulu, Dry Fruit Potreklu, Lawang Lata, or Balaji Laddu. The name of the store has become almost synonymous with the namkeens and sweets it stocks due to their high quality and wide availability. We provide both in-store pickup and delivery services.

Specialty: Rasmalai, Dry Fruit Paan, Kaju Bullet, Pista Cake, Kaju Barfi, Anjeer Pista Rolls, Badam Kali, Malai Peda, Roasted Kalakand, Kesar Peda, Dil Khusar, Grape Halwa, Milk Mysore Pak, Malai Cham Cham, Honey Dew, Gopal Bhog, Bobatlu, Lawang Lata, Khaja, Balushahi, Arisulu, Dhokla, Besan Papdi, Chaat Bhujia, Masala Mumfali & Chaklu

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Location:  10-1-44, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Rd, CBM Compound, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, AP 530003


Over the course of more than 25 years, Gruhapriya Pindivantalu has earned a reputation as one of Visakhapatnam’s finest sweets stores, known for its delicious, high-quality confections and savory snacks. The shop’s selection of homestyle fare and sweets is both reliable and wonderful. Bringing exquisite sweets and other food items produced with pure ghee, Gruhapriya came with a wonderful intention to reacquaint them with the flavors of their youth. They have a wide selection of candy. The store has always put the needs of its consumers first. They took their time selecting the finest ingredients and crafting the finest goods. Desserts in India often use nuts and dried fruits because these are the desserts’ defining characteristics. Gruhapriya allows for both in-store purchases and home delivery.

Specialty: Bandar Halwa, Chitti Khaja, Badshah, Besan Laddu, Chandrakala, Ghee Jangri, Khaja, Jilebi, Metta Mysore Pak, Papidi, Sampangipuvvu, Paakam Garelu, Sunnundalu Bellam, Chandrakantha, Gavvalu, Poothareku, Ajmer Kalakand, Bournvita Burfi, Chegodi, Jantikalu, Chakki Pakoda, Senagalu & Vamupoosa

Email: NA


Location: Dwarka Nagar, 4th lane, Visakhapatnam, AP 530016

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