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The city of Guwahati is home to psychiatrist Dr. Jyotirmoy Das, who holds the title of Senior Consultant. He has worked in the field of mental health for over ten years. His academic pursuits led him to the Gauhati Medical College, where he earned his MBBS. General medicine is Dr. Jyotirmoy Das’s area of expertise. His field of expertise is mental health, and he handles everything from depression to schizophrenia. He is dedicated to giving his patients the best medical care possible. At the Medicity, Dr. Jyotirmoy Das provides his services. The facility features cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment tools.

Specialty: Mood Disorders, Dementia, Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer, Anxiety, Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Depression, Insomnia & Memory Loss

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Location: Medicity Guwahati, Near Sewali Path, Dispur, Hatigaon Main Road, Guwahati, AS 781006


Guwahati is home to Dr. Mridula Shyam, a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist. For more than 26 years, she has worked as a psychiatrist. Assam Medical College is where she earned her MBBS degree. At Guwahati Medical College, she earned her Medical Doctorate in Psychiatry. Dr. Mridula Shyam is board-certified in psychiatry for children and adolescents. She is well-versed in cognitive behavior therapy, psychoanalysis, and humanistic methods. Among the various conditions she is qualified to treat, she excels in helping patients deal with stress and anxiety. A large number of patients who were first-timers in psychiatric care have benefited from her expertise. She has worked with people from all walks of life and all walks of culture, including CEOs, IT experts, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, professors, doctors, students, and parents. Currently, Dr. Mridula Shyam can be found at the Apollo Clinic in Guwahati, where she is available for consultations and follow-up visits.

Specialty: Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Psychoanalysis & CBT

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Location: Kanchan Road, Opposite Bora Service, G S Road, Guwahati, AS 781007


Guwahati is home to Dr. Pankaj Lochan Sharma, a Consultant Psychiatrist. The psychiatrist’s top priority is to offer exceptional medical care. Dr. Pankaj Lochan Sharma’s mission in life is to help those with mental health issues by giving them expert advice. To provide a comprehensive solution and high-quality therapies, the psychiatrist pays great attention to the causes of the problem. The doctor also treats the interpersonal issues that arise in regular living at home and at the office. Guwahati Psychiatric Hospital is home to Dr. Pankaj Lochan Sharma’s practice.

Specialty: Dementia, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Anger Management, Marital Counseling, Bipolar, OCD, Addiction, Bad Dreams, Suicidal Behavior & Stress

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Location:  Panjabari Road, Bagharbari, Guwahati, AS 781023

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